Monday, August 27, 2007

Who were all those people huddled around their laptops at Central Market Cafe Sunday morning?

Thank you, Martin for a super run through on Photoshop, starting with your superb inked sketch.
Photoshop just does so much. It's more painterly than painting! There is so much to learn. But you broke the ice -- especially for those of us who have not used it for our artwork before. I think everyone, even the more experienced Photoshop users, learned something.

Hey, I think Theresa took the best notes of anyone . I didn't know she was taking notes that whole time. Thank you for your post, Theresa and also posting your class notes in the comments.

For more study, don't forget Photoshop Classroom in a Book, mentioned by Sarah and Amy -- and make sure the book you find at Half Price Books or is pertinent to your version of the software, they said.

Thank you, Meg for bringing the power strip.

Martin's Spamarama Pig is now showing up in my dreams. Sometimes he's funny and clowning around and sometimes he's a little scary. I want to texture him so that he sort of fades into the background. But that means I have to add another layer. Maybe I can just drop a fill bucket over his head...

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