Monday, August 27, 2007

Martin's Photoshop Presentation

Thanks Martin, for your great Photoshop presentation. We all learned a lot, especially about layers. My favorite demo on layers was using the polygon lasso for selecting so that you can color the ink drawing on a separate layer. Does that ever save a lot of work. I tried it out and it really works.

My notes are in the Comments. Anyone else who wants to post their notes, feel free.

Once again thanks Martin for sharing your knowledge on Photoshop, and we all loved your Spam Pig illustration!

BTW our meetings are 2nd Sunday of the month, as per unanimous vote.

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Theresa said...

1. Scan in the original black & white drawing. That's layer # 1.
2. Create a new layer for coloring the drawing. Make sure the layer is set on "multiply."Make sure you have the "show layers" window open so you can easily switch layers. This is layer #2.
3. Use the polygon lasso tool to select an area you wish to color on the drawing on layer #2.
4. You can use the fill bucket set on patterns to put subtle textures on areas, to get rid of the flat look and to give an area some variations. That would be another layer.
5. You can make your own custom fill patterns for textures.
6. Once it's all done, you can flatten it to send it to the AD, but keep a layered version in your files in case they want any changes.
7. Resolutions: 72dpi for web, 300 dpi for regular print, 150--200 dpi for newsprint.
8. The order of the layers can be changed. You can create a background and put it on the very bottom. This would have the patterns on it. Then put a drawing over it (make sure its background is transparent) in a regular layer.
Then you can layer over that in multiple layers.
9. Type is in a separate layer.